Amyloidosis News - August 2021

Recent findings suggest endomyocardial biopsy may be avoidable in cases of patients with similar plasma cell dyscrasia test results. Read More ›

To accurately diagnose and appropriately manage ATTRv, clinicians need to be aware of red-flag symptoms and recognize the critical value of genetic testing. Read More ›

This study suggests a lack of association of increased survival benefit with use of neurohormonal blockade therapies; however, future research is warranted. Read More ›

As the patients with grade 1 DPD uptake had no signs of monoclonal disease, these findings highlight potential early ATTR amyloid cardiomyopathy. Read More ›

Clinicians need to be educated on best practices, to identify and appropriately manage gastrointestinal manifestations as a signal of hereditary amyloidosis. Read More ›

Amyloidosis News
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