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Quantitative 99mTc-PYP imaging has potential as a marker of disease burden by providing robust evaluation in patients with transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy. Read More ›

Increased clinical vigilance is warranted as the underrecognized phenotype of transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis is associated with worse clinical outcomes. Read More ›

Providers face challenges with clinical vigilance and treatment for transthyretin amyloidosis due to the range of disease severity and phenotypic penetrance of carriers of variant forms. Read More ›

Based on postmortem evaluation, cardiac amyloidosis can be detected in more than two-fifths of autopsied hearts of elderly patients aged ≥75 years. Read More ›

A case series highlights how prognosis worsens and options for treatment are limited, once cardiac involvement is extensive in cardiac amyloidosis. Read More ›

This study underscores the importance of assessing patients with transthyretin amyloidosis cardiomyopathy and carriers of the V122I mutation for peripheral polyneuropathy. Read More ›

Danish study suggests improved diagnosis and treatment of cardiac amyloidosis may be related to declines in mortality trends. Read More ›

A case study illustrates that identification of changes in monoclonal gammopathy may improve the accurate diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis subtypes. Read More ›

Early diagnosis before the development of advanced organ disease remains key in improving outcomes in amyloidosis. Read More ›

Researchers have found that cardiac scintigraphy imaging performance may be improved for uncovering transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis using deep learning augmentation of interpretation. Read More ›

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